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Insights from an Industry Expert: A Q&A with Sherrif Karamat [Part 2 of 2] February 23, 2017 | By Meetings Mean BusinessBelow is part two of our Q&A with Sherrif Karamat. Sherrif is chief operating officer of the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA... READ MORE
Insights from an Industry Expert: A Q&A with Sherrif Karamat [Part 1 of 2] February 16, 2017 | By Meetings Mean BusinessWe recently spoke with Sherrif Karamat, chief operating officer at the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA). Sherrif, a meetings... READ MORE
Resolutions for a New Year January 19, 2017 | By Paul Van Deventer, co-chair of Meetings Mean BusinessEvery year around this time, MMB board members come together at PCMA’s Convening Leaders conference and practice what we preach: We sit in a room,... READ MORE
Why Small Businesses Rely on Face-to-Face Meetings December 15, 2016 | By Dan Berger, Founder and CEO of Social Tables According to a new survey by the Meetings Mean Business coalition, face-to-face meetings are a high priority for small business owners, who in 2017,... READ MORE
How Election Pollsters Got it Wrong November 14, 2016 | By Meetings Mean BusinessThe 2016 presidential election may go down in history as one of the most hard-fought and shocking political contests the world has ever seen. In a... READ MORE
Time to Get Involved October 27, 2016 | By Doug Baarman, Senior Vice President and Team Director at ConferenceDirectIt’s an exciting time to be a meeting and event planner. Every week, there are new articles about the importance of our industry and the impact we... READ MORE