How to Advocate for the Meetings Industry with 6 Simple Words

August 18, 2017
By Meetings Mean Business

The Worth Meeting About campaign is back – this time, with an expanded lens. We’re using major world events, case studies and stories to highlight the industry’s role in driving progress and innovation. To do this, we’re aggregating stories from industry professionals and third-party validators in a number of ways, including a six-word story competition.

We’re asking individuals and organizations to channel their inner Ernest Hemingway and develop six words to describe how face-to-face meetings have had a positive impact on their businesses or local communities. Participants may “submit” their six words in one of two ways – on Twitter using #WorthMeetingAbout or via email at

In addition to sharing the stories through the MMB Twitter handle, we’re offering the opportunity to win MMB swag. Anyone who participates in the competition during the month of August is automatically entered to win.

Our goal is to generate an arsenal of case studies and online conversation that reinforce the industry’s value from a variety of perspectives. We’re well on our way to meeting this goal and invite you to help keep the momentum going.

For reference, and a little inspiration, here are some of the six-word stories we’ve received so far:


Thank you to everyone who has shared a six-word story! For those who haven’t done so yet, please take a moment to submit yours today using #WorthMeetingAbout on Twitter or by emailing