Meetings Make the World Spin

November 21, 2017
By Meetings Mean Business

To highlight the meetings industry’s role in driving progress, innovation and economic impact, we're working with industry professionals across the globe to share stories about the value of meetings to business and society. These Worth Meeting About case studies help validate the many benefits of face-to-face and showcase the best and brightest meetings professionals shaping our industry.

Kicking off our case study series is Claire Repass, Director of Events and Member Benefits at Inspirato. Claire oversees a team that executes over 600 events a year – from private dinners to member summits to golf tournaments. Having seen firsthand that meeting face-to-face has an enormous business impact – it has helped Inspirato increase its member retention in their club of over 13,000 members – Claire shared her story with MMB. A snippet is below:

“Meeting professionals do so much more than plan logistics: we manage relationships, create partnerships, develop strategic plans for how programs can impact a business’ bottom line, sleep when absolutely necessary, juggle massively detailed projects over our morning coffee and develop our teams so that the industry continues to be fed by the newest and brightest minds.

I wish people outside of our industry better understood how hard we work, and how much impact meetings have on the financial health of this country. Business travel - which only occurs when face -to - face meetings are a requirement - brought $547 billion to the country’s GDP in 2016. That doesn’t happen without an industry of meeting and event professionals working tirelessly to help their businesses achieve their goals.”

You can read Claire’s full case study and share it with your networks here or click below.

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