New Data on Brand Experience: How Marketers are Maximizing the Value of Face-to-Face

July 18, 2017
By Katherine Zimoulis, Vice President of Content Marketing at Freeman

Brand loyalty is at the forefront of every marketer’s mind.

One way leading organizations are boosting loyalty is by focusing on brand experience. By planning their audience’s experience in a way that maximizes in-person engagement and positive emotion, they deepen the emotional bond and achieve “top of mind” status.

Photo Credit: Freeman

At Freeman, we’ve worked with companies to create immersive interactions at events, big and small. But we wanted to know: Are they fully embracing this powerful idea? How are they fitting brand experience into their budgets? Which tools are being used or overlooked?

To find out, we surveyed over 1,000 marketers across North America, Asia and Western Europe.

These marketers were broken down by three roles:

•    Chief Marketing Officers

•    Brand Managers - advertising, PR, brand, marketing and communications managers, directors and vice presidents

•    Meeting and Event Professionals - planners, managers, directors, consultants, producers and executive producers

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Brand Experience’s Value Is Well-Recognized

More than two-thirds of the surveyed marketers agree that brand experience is an effective way to reach their goals. 
Which goals, though? 

Overall, marketers saw significant value in brand experience’s ability to improve loyalty: 59 percent of CMOs recognize its ability to create ongoing relationships. In addition, marketers are seeing brand experience as a way to strengthen face-to-face interaction, boost lead generation, improve brand advocacy and increase overall sales. 

So these companies are going full-throttle on brand experience, right?

Well ...


The Untapped Potential

Our study reveals that marketers see the value of brand marketing and are starting to integrate it into their budgets. However, they’re not yet taking the steps to fully utilize it.

Only 27 percent of North American marketers plan to spend more than one-fifth of their budgets on brand marketing, including face-to-face events, conferences and exhibitions.

CMOs are leading the charge to evangelize the value of brand experience. Forty-eight percent of those surveyed place high value on brand experience as a way to showcase the organization’s thought leadership.


How to Maximize Your Brand Experience Value

If your company wants to reap the benefits of brand experience and other forms of face-to-face interaction, here’s how to get started: 

•    Strategize: What do you envision getting from your brand experience efforts and how will you make that happen? As with any other marketing initiative, a solid strategy prevents wasted time and missteps.

•    Measure: Be sure to put smart metrics in place. This allows you to set benchmarks and to show the value of your efforts. 

•    Scale: Smartphone apps and social media have allowed marketers to explore interactivity on a small scale, giving them valuable data for larger marketing initiatives, even ones centered on live meetings and events. 

Building up a strong and loyal client base and driving growth? That’s every marketer’s goal. And brand experience is a way for your organization to engage directly with consumers, tell your story and get them excited about being part of what you do. 

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