The Multiplier Effect of Face-to-Face Meetings

July 30, 2015
By David DuBois, President and CEO of International Association of Exhibitions and Events and Chairman of Convention Industry Council

The services provided by the meetings industry often go unnoticed, but the economic impact is unmistakable. Our industry supports, preserves and strengthens local communities – bringing in billions of dollars in revenue and hundreds of thousands of jobs.

It’s all part of the multiplier effect. More face-to-face meetings, exhibitions and conventions mean more jobs, educational opportunities, cultural experiences, cross-industry collaboration and investment in small businesses.

We’re getting better every day at using tools like the DMAI Calculator to track direct and indirect impacts of the meetings industry. But there’s more we can do to educate our industry and government officials on the impact of face-to-face meetings.

Here’s my take:


For more information on the economic impact of meetings, check out this report by Convention Industry Council.