Worth Meeting About

When the stakes are high, when it matters most, when it’s important - it’s Worth Meeting About. MMB launched the Worth Meeting About campaign to prove the value of various types of in-person meetings held during election years, such as caucuses, conventions and other face-to-face political events, that are fundamental to candidates’ success.

In 2016, candidates will participate in a number of different face-to-face meetings and events, whether it’s talking with voters at diners, participating in a town hall, debating their rivals or being officially nominated at the conventions. Across the country candidates up and down the ballot and on both sides of the aisle will be doing the same thing – looking for opportunities to meet face-to-face with the constituents that ultimately decide if they will have the honor of representing them.

Politicians aren’t the only people that use meetings to create personal connections and drive positive outcomes. Individuals and businesses do so every single day to build a business, innovate, address a challenge or motivate employees.

So whether it’s about selecting the next leader of our country or another pivotal moment, when it’s important, it’s WORTH MEETING ABOUT.

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